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I’ve got an idea!

I have a wad load of ideas running through my head at the moment, and it is awesome. Ideas are what get me fired up, get me doing things – not necesarily productive or useful things, but  things nevertheless. And when you are doing things you feel busy, and being busy means that you just don’t have time to think about how trivial the things that you are doing are. Although i’m sure that i do have good productive ideas, and i would apply myself to them thouraghly, it’s just at the moment they err well towards the ‘if i didn’t actually think this up and put it in motion nobody would really mind’ sort of ideas.

My latest idea is to write a version of the song ‘I’ll kill her’ by Soko from an Australian male’s point of view instead of a French ladies. This then led me onto recording it with my mate Jason who lives in the Gold Coast, so travel plans are on the cards. But travelling there would be so much cooler if i was with my mate Phil who i am visting this Friday in Armidale and hopefully while i’m there i’ll swing by Charlotte’s place and hopefully my Cousins. But before i travel to Armidale i would very much like to have my new shiny speakers installed in my car, but Hay’s Boyfriend Phil is busy and i don’t have tools to put them in, so perhaps i can borrow some off someone else, or make some (would a knife work as a saw and a screwdriver?) and then if i could download some talking books from the network that would really make the journey fly.

It’s odd that just yesterday i was actually getting a little bored with Uni life and i didn’t have any ideas that figeratively roasted my potatoes, but now i am overcome with them. I guess that just goes to show that ideas can be fleeting and flippant and that when you get one in your sight you should really make an effort to squeeze all of the creative juice out of it before it slips back through your fingers.


One response

  1. I was just on the gold coast this week.
    I failed to meet up with Sarah-Jane.
    note to self: phone credit is good to have – although evil.
    We can have a mini heywire reunion while your on the GC?

    12,April, 2008 at 6:06 am

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