notes from the road

Motivation YEAH!

Motivation. Now this is something that i very often take for granted. But everynow and then i tend to lack a little of this, such as when i had the flu a few weeks ago, and even more recently when i felt a bit daunted at the piling up of assignments that i have infront of me to do. And it is at moments like these that i reaslise how much motivation i have and simply take for granted. Now I’m not saying that i’m the most motivated kernal on the cob because i’m certainly not. I am not the sort of person that would wake up at five in the morning just to walk around the  streets looking for stray dogs that i could then find homes for, that is just not the sort of thing i would want to do. But I do want to do alrightish at Uni, and i do want to get a job in the sort of profession that i’m keen on and i do want to meet new and interesting people, and i do have the motivation to do all of these things.  Yet everynow and then I teter on the cusp of not caring about it all and it is moments like these that are actually pretty valuable in assessing what you already have. Not having motivation would hold you back more than not having a limb, or having a disease or only owning one pair of underpants that was two sizes too small…


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