notes from the road

Lets Lasagna

Podcast. This is a pretty common word now, meaning a section of audio that you can download from the internet and play on an MP3 player. I read recently of the journalist from the British newspaper ‘The Gaurdian’ who coined the term, apparently an amalgamation of the words ipod and broadcasting. Now it wasn’t so much the way that the word was formed that caught my attention, but the fact that one person created it and it is now in such wide use. Wouldn’t it be cool to be that person, everytime you hear that word spoken, you could be like ‘oh yeah, that is all me!’

Yesterday i coined a term, it isn’t a terribly good one, and in all fairness it doesn’t add much to the English language, but it’s hard to come up with something unique. Basically i turned the name of a food into a verb. Over dinner i was discussing the merits of reheated lasagna and why it is often better then having it straight out of the oven. You see, the three parts of the lasagna –  meat, cheese sauce and pasta, when put in the fridge get quite cold, and they need to huddle together for warmth and security, and it is here where they give up their former selves to unite and become one – they lasagna! So lasagna is the process where two or more things merge into one. This term can be used quite broadly – here a couple of examples

‘Notice how regardless of how much you stir it, oil and water will never lasagna’

‘The connection between the man and his horse was astonishing, it was lasagna’

‘So how about it baby, do you want to come back to my place and lasagna?’


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