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In Netball we trust

Netball; The sport of the Gods; The game they play in heaven; if exercise were a food then this would be lasagna. It really is just rocking my world at the moment. In a normal week i play on thursdays and sundays, although i was giving the mega exciting news today that the mixed intercollege tournament has been moved forward to tomorrow! So i will get three games in less than 15 hours time! I only wish that it was a bit tougher sounding.

Being a predominantly female sport I get some pretty strange looks when i mention it to people that I not only dabble in Netball, but that i strive to be the perfect example of an allround A-grade player.  If i were this keen on Basketball, which is quite similar then I would be well respected and people would probably hold me in some esteem, but Netball doesn’t quite have that effect. It’s not that it doesn’t impress people, actually for the intercollege games i feel very wanted and get the inkling that i am of some value – but it is always like people are holding back a little giggle. This though does not deter me at all, my passion for this game blinds me and I always proudly nail my colours to the mast (although i make a point of making sure they are not rainbow or pink colours – I’ve got to score man points where ever i can). Netball – Bring it on!


One response

  1. Justins biggest fan

    “man points” – *chuckles*

    26,May, 2008 at 5:28 am

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