notes from the road

the end?

It has been a little while since i last wrote, the reason possibly being my last post, where i talked up my excitement and love for the game of Netball. Well the tournament that i thought was going to be on was postponed for a week, so i had another seven days of anticipation, and as it turned out when the big day did arrive i still didn’t step onto the court. You see the night before i was playing in my thursday night team ‘The Planeteers’ and less than a minute from the end of the game i leapt up to grab the ball and I landed on the foot of one of my team mates. My ankle folded like a piece of paper and i went down writhing in pain. We finished the game losing by almost thirty points and i couldn’t put any weight on my right foot. So i was resigned to the bench for our intercollage games the following day… On the plus side i now have probably the best bruise i have ever had. It stretches from my heal up over my ankle and wraps to the inside of my foot in dark purple smears, pretty cool stuff. But i’m wondering if the repercussions of this will last longer than the 4 to 6 weeks that my med student friends said it would take for my ankle to get back to 100%. Until now i have never actually had a serious sporting injury, just a couple of grazes or a banged chin or black eye. So i have always had a bit of an inkling that i was invinciple. In Netball any ball that i could possibly get to i would jump or dive for, with catching the ball being my only concern. Now that my mortalness has been rubbed in my face i may have concerns for my physical well being, i may not lust after sporting greatness in the same manor, yearn for a successful pass or crave shooting a goal with the same intensity. My firey passion for sport may be extinguished.

Actually I doubt it, I’m already counting down the weeks until i’ll be right to play again, and with each match that i miss i feel like i’ve thrown away an unopened present. It’ll just mean that i will have a greater appreciation for having ankles that bend and flex, so accordingly i’ll try to keep them in that condition for as long as i can.


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