notes from the road

Rhys is right!

My friend Rhys wrote recently in his blog that people do not waste their whole lives, but only lots of individual days. This bothered me a bit because I often have days where I don’t achieve much and I don’t want to feel guilty about it. I was happy knowing that every now and then you can have days where you just vege out and take it easy. But according to Rhys this leads to a wasted life!

Yesterday morning I woke up quite late and felt like it was going to be one of those days where not much is achieved, where it is over before it begun, and Rhys’ words sprung into my mind. So I challenged my day plan and threw caution to the wind, I wasn’t just going to make a start at my essay like I had planned, I was going to start and finish it all, even though I still had a couple of days that I could do it in. And I did just that so now I’m basking in the knowledge that I am finished for the semester and am free to do what ever I want. So maybe Rhys wasn’t that far from the truth with what he wrote – a bit of time here and there for R and R is alright, but sometimes you need to push yourself.


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