notes from the road

Free, choice

I was perusing Reverb, free magazine in our bathroom yesterday  morning and was reading all the small articles because I have already read all the good ones (it’s been there for a while). On the inside cover was a small letter from the editor about give aways, and it said basically ‘we’ve got a couple of copies of some cool DVD’s to give away, just email us and tell saying why you like free stuff and we’ll send you a copy. Easy as pie I thought, because I would probably sign up to have my leg chopped off if I knew it was free (incidentally my foot is slowly on the mend). So I sent a very brief email to the editor saying this


I love free stuff so much that my eyes can pick out the word ‘free’ from a  hundred metres away. Everytime i see a protestor with a sign  that says ‘Free  Tibet’ i automatically think i might be getting something for  nothing, then  I feel guilty because people are dying and i’m thinking about getting free things….



 Justin Watts”


The editor Kev Bull (what a great name) wrote back today saying


 ‘As Tibet is still not free, what would you like

-American Gangster

-Lust, Caution

-Jeff Green’
  Lust, Caution sounds a bit like a porn, I haven’t heard of Jeff Green and I loved American Gangster when I saw it so I told Kev to  Gangster me up! Then I googled Jeff Green – big mistake. He is apparently a really cool comedian. Now I’m torn, I just got something for free, but I could have had something else for free instead. If I didn’t get a choice I would be so much happier, now doubt is plaguing my mind as I think that the other DVD would be better. Even if I had googled Jeff Green before I made up my mind (some might say the logical thing to do) I still don’t know if I would have chosen him though. As far as problems go, this is a pretty cool one I guess…

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