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Since I last wrote I have been back living on the farm with the family outside Tamworth. For the first week i was working on the farm with my Cousin and my Dad fencing and picking up rocks, and now I am doing a weeks worth of Work experience at ABC local radio. It is interesting comparing the two types of work as it throws up numerous differences, but also some interesting parallels. One is quite physically demanding, the other I sit a great deal at a computer; One involves thinking quickly and talking elequently, the other allows me to drift off into a mental numbness or allows me to natter my little heart off on any whim that I desire to who I am working with; One requires me to dress quite neatly, the other I wear the exact same tattered clothes everyday; Yet both have me exhausted at the end of the day.

The farm work is fair enough, but it always surprises me that I get so stuffed after a days work at the ABC. I guess it must be because I am constantly doing things and that I still feel a little out of place there, also it might be because i’m giving my noggan a bit of a work out after it napped during the first week. Despite the exhaustedness I am finding the work experience valuable as I’ve certainly learned a great deal more about the industry and what is expected of a Uni graduate. It has also taught me more about working in general, and that it will be a bit of a shake up after the 13 hour a week uni course that I’ve been doing.

Although as my sister did point out today it still doesn’t sound all that cool, being the work experience kid. Hmm, it is the title that a fifteen year old would get if they did a bit of work while filling in time after their school certificate. However, I think i have just found a way to make it cooler, when someone askes me where i will next be doing work experience, I can truthfully tell them that it will be with Enough Rope on ABC TV. I doubt I will be finishing each day with much left in the tank then.


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  1. hooray!
    Good to hear your having fun!
    This is all I have to say.

    11,July, 2008 at 8:36 am

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