notes from the road

Kenya help?

Fourteen kilometres has always been for me the sort of distance that you drive in a car – roughly about half way into town from where I live. So when Dave my American buddy asked if I was keen to run that distance for the city to surf I said ‘yeah definetly, I can totally do that no worries, sounds like a laugh’. Inside I was cursing myself many times over for playing the ‘whose a bigger man’ game, but now I’m actually glad that my ego put me in that position. Since then I’ve been training with Dave starting with 5 or 6km runs, then working up to 9 or 10km, and although it felt pretty average at the time, right afterwards it feels sweet. Actually playing Oz tag today I’ve never felt better, I may even have to keep it up after the race is over – I have shelled out big time for some fancy running shoes so it’s probably worth it.

So despite the bunyons, blisters and shin splints I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll make it all the way to the end of the race. It should be a bit of a confidence booster too as we applied quite late and could only get in at the very back of the field, the place reserved for ‘Parents with children, people in fancy dress, and wheel chaired competitors’ – then again if a child wearing a tiger costume beats me that is going to suck.

For the race we’ve formed a team and thought that we might as well try and raise a bit of money for a worthy cause along the way. Team Underdog – Running for Kenya!

If you feel like making a small donation or just want to see our awesome video click on this website , many thanks if you do.


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