notes from the road

Welcome to America

Americahh, Amerrricccaahh, America Oh Yeah!So I slid through customs thanks to a smooth arrival in Hawaii, but my second worst fear eventuated – there was no one waiting for me, I sort of had visions of a man with dark sunglasses, a suit and a peaked cap holding a sign that says ‘Mr Watts’ waiting for me. I was helped out by an affable older gentlemen who worked for the airport who assisted me with getting in contact with the TOMS crew by lettingn me use his mobile and I was soon picked up in teh van by an enthusiastic chap named Mikey. He took me to the Intern house – about a mile from teh beach, five miles from the airport and just three houses from a Porsche 911 turbo.

I’m staying in a four bedroom, two story house with 14 other people, 10 of them female with one working shower – recipe for fun indeed! I share a room about the size of my collage room with the three other guys and there really isn’t much spae for anything whatsoever.

The people ar all really cool and friendly and very talented – one girl has started her own magazine and one of the fellas has travelled America in a vege oil powered bus teaching about alternate energy. Apparently over 1000 people applied for the internship, so I bet they all sort of know what they are on about.

I’m still a little tired due to jet lag and I feel a little spaced out – so many people around all at once; things that need doing (bank account, mobile phone, visa checking, social security number) but I feel that given time things will all fall into place. No doubt there will be some confrontational moments along the way with the crew but I think there is a good vibe amoung us. Everyone seems keen to hang out together and are interested in similar things. This morning we all went to a shop to do a kick boxing class together and then on to the farmers market to buy fresh a grade produce.

LA has lived up pretty well to my expectations thus far – palm trees, extreme wealth, beaches, fair weather and big accents. What I didn’t expect was it not being as scary as I thought, that the people would be quite as friendly or that my house mates would use their lap tops so much – at the moment their is only five on the kitchen table – but I think there’s been more.

My wireless doesn’t work which is annoying as I’d like to be able to contact the family back at home a bit more (I think I am a bit home sick actually – expecially when I get tired) but I sort of like not sitting at a screen.

It’s the first day at work tomorrow – I’ve heard that it’s meant to be pretty hectic, though I’m looking forward to getting involved, meetingmore people and actually doing a proper job – America, yeah!

Also I bought a green velvet jacket with some of the money I got for my birthday (thanks Liz, Carrie and Grandad!)


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