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Barack to the future

It was Inauguration day here today, and as you could imagine it was quite a big deal to the Americans here. People in our house got up at around seven to start watching the broadcast on one of the nine channels that were showing it on the television. Some of the lead up fluff pieces were basketball players saying how they’d like to shoot some hoops with Obama, and there was some actual footage of him playing a bit and actually looking good. A stark contrast to the footage of former Prime minister Howard making a very ordinary bowl with a cricket ball. Hundreds of thousands of people were packed on Capital Hill to watch the historic event, yet many times more were watching it on the tele  – according to the ever reliable CNN(NN?) this would be the most watched thing on television in the world ever.  Once the delegates had walked out and the musical items had ceased, Barack made his speech which was very well written and executed. My favourite line was one directed to unfriendly countries ‘we will extend a hand if they will unclench their fists’    – or there abouts.  By the end of the speech a couple of people who I was sitting with had tears in their eyes. And that day many people wore Obama shirts to work – Larry even wore a tight cut off black Muscle shirt that said ‘Barack the vote’.  Americans certainly take their politics more passionatly than in Australia, and especially with the Obama campaign, the youth do too.


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  1. Matilda

    nice account. I like the quote.

    23,January, 2009 at 4:32 am

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