notes from the road

I like pie!

Alright, so yesterday was the inauguration or whatever and apparently it is a big deal so I felt like I should write about it, but really it was a distant second in terms of things that amazed me and made me happy. Let me set the scene…

I was sitting with fellow interns in our little alley way at the back of the TOMS HQ for lunch and had just finished my sandwhich. I was pretty content and happy, but then something happened that made me blossem into a flower of joyfullness. A man walked out from the cafe next door and said “Does anyone here like apple pie and ice-cream”, he was indeed holding one of the biggest apple pies I have ever seen with heaps of vanilla ice cream on top. He sat it on the table, then bought out some plates and spoons and then left again. All eight of us helped our selves to the pie and there was still left overs so we offered them to anyone who walked by. You must believe me now, this was no normal apple pie – it was just cinamonny enough, the pastry was not soggy but not crumbly either- and most of all, there was so much of it. And the ice-cream was not your run of the mill supermarket ice-cream but the silky smooth kind found in gourmet expensive buckets. This experience made me so very very happy, and I am extremly glad that Caitlin, a current Vagabond is with us as this man who bought us the pie was her former boss.

Sure history may prove Obama to be more influential, but I think I’ll probably remember more about my pie experience on 20th of January than any 18 minute speech.


2 responses

  1. Matilda

    The way to a man’s heart………

    23,January, 2009 at 4:34 am

  2. Just realised that you and other people have been trying to leave me blog comments but they all keep getting trapped. eeeek!
    And then i read a comment u tryed to leave me like.. months ago, and then i remembered that you havre a blog too and look! wow! there are so many new posts!
    I will come back and read them and comment and wat not.
    but at the moment i am off to an AUSTRALIA DAY PARTAYYY!


    PS: waiting on your next email with rapidly beating heart and skipping in circles and praying to the sky above me “rain down letters. Rain down letters from Justin Watts”

    25,January, 2009 at 11:58 pm

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