notes from the road

weekend fun.

The full time employees at TOMS just took two days off work to go for a ski trip, while the interns did some volunteering. And I feel sorry for them. We had a fantastic four days. To best encapsulate these last fun few days here are of my happiest moments.

On Thursday I sent this message to Justin Cook a Vagabond on Facebook.

“Yo Danger! What are the vagaplans for this wk end? Superbowl this sunday, I think it starts at Man o’clock – you guys should come around.”

To which he replied

Yo fellow Justin! I’ll have to check my vagalendar for my plans this weekend. Normally at Man o’clock I’m out in the forest drinking whiskey while chopping down sequoias with a blunt axe. I usually only take a break to wrestle a grizzly bear to the death, skin it, turn the skin into a coat, and eat then eat the remainder of the bear. raw. But I’ll see if I can move some stuff around so that Derek and I can show up.


On Friday night after a day of going to the taping of a comedy show, us interns decided to chill out in the house. We started out playing really silly drinking games (I drank water) and the post flip cup celebrations turned into an impromptu party in our living room. People danced on the table until it was pushed aside and fourteen of us busted some old school moves for about 2 or 3 hours. Highlights include the macarina, very impassioned ‘circle of life’, and the ‘man from down under’ ( they all knew the chorus). There was a very bitter sweet moment though – Vanessa landed very awkwardly on her ankle during ‘Cotten eye Joe’ and had to sit down – so we continued the party for the next couple of songs all sitting on the ground with her with arms and legs in the air.

This next moment is dripping with Americanness – Ryan and I went decided to play some basketball after yoga. The courts were within 20 metres of the beach and were surrounded by palm trees. After a quick warm up we were asked if we wanted to play a game by a big friendly black guy. He said things like ‘nice shootin baby’ and ‘wanna game playa?. We played a couple of games with various people and I even scored plenty of points  – going down by like 21-11 or 21-13. After we finished we did hand slap handshakes and I didn’t make a fool of myself – yah!

I hope the full timers had as much fun…


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