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Becky arrived with her friend Anushia on Thursday night which was very exciting. Anushia was just as friendly as Becky and we got on instantly well. They had ridden around all day on bikes that I lent them from my house mates. On Friday they chilled by themselves around Santa Monica, and Friday night we all went out to see some crazy musician guy play. He did some loop stuff where he plays something on the piano, records it so it plays over and over again, then goes to the drums and records a beat which does the same, then he plays the guitar and sings over it. It was all very interesting, but not necesarily fun. He did do some good covers – two of them – I kissed a girl and a Nirvana one, and he also played with a pretty good band with an amazing singer. This singer looked really awkward – he was a larger chap and dressed in a suit, the sort of suit that people dress in to draw attention to himself. He looked visibly awkward standing on stage when he wasn’t singing, and it made me feel awkward, but then when he would sing it would really justify him being there – he was amazing. The show ended with the main guy who we came to see playing random notes on an electric guitar for about 8 minutes – it was really funny because we’d all paid $25 to see this chap, and he was making this noise that not only did not sound like music, but was actually really unpleasent. Although, I then realised that he plays here every week and fills out a decent sized room, so it must be me who has the problem with the music, because he is certainly popular enough. The next day we went for a really sweet hike – Becky, Anushia, Ryan and I and then that night we went to a fellow intern’s Aunt’s place for dinner. It was in West Hollywood at a really nice spot. The house was really trendy and cool and out the back they had a heated lap pool. We sat around for a while, I drank a fantastic Apple spritzer or two with lime juice and talked about travelling, then had a fantastic meal, played some table tennis and had a nice old dip in the pool. It was just such a great experience – hanging with cool people at a great location and just feeling really good. After a while we all went to a hotel in Hollywood. Behind the bar there, they had ‘living art’. Which was a girl lying on a matress behind glass. Apparently at this particular place they have a girl there 24 hours a day. The girls can do what ever they want, but can’t interact with the audience. When we were there, this girl (decked in singlet and undies) was looking at facebook and listening to music. Crazy eh? So we hung at the hotel for a little while, do a bit of dancing and then I drove us back in Kate’s car. It was about 3:30 when we finally got to sleep. The next morning we woke at a quarter to 8 to go to Disney land, but Joe slept in so Becky and I had another nap for an hour, while Anushia got caught up with the internet, then Joe was a bit late again, there was lots of traffic getting to Disney land, and once we finally got in, Joe had to update his pass which meant more waiting – so it was about 11 or so before we were actually in Disney land ready to go. By this time I was starting to think that the day couldn’t go any worse – but my mood changed very very dramatically. We went on ride after ride, and because we were all so lacking sleep, we got sillily excited about things. In between rides we skipped and danced, and on the rides we sung and yelled and the whole day we surfed the waves of extreme happiness and excitement. We did though all have our lows where we needed a break and some food to eat. But all in all I probably haven’t had so much fun in one day, possibly ever. It was just the right group of people, the right time, the right place and the right mood. At one point, I think the second time that we rode Space Mountain, my voice was so saw from screaming and I was just thinking, ‘I wish I knew other ways to express my happiness, I feel trapped in this body’. So I just started pounding the air with my fists as hard as I could. The whole day was soooooo much fun.Another highlight of the day for me was meeting Mary Poppins. We saw her from a distance and rushed over, and then she came straight up to me, passed the other people that were lining up and introduced herself and asked for my name. We shook hands, and she asked me in her proper english accent if I would mind doing a favour for her. Well, I would have walked on coals for her to be honest, she was so pretty, proper, and in control that I had a massive crush on her in that instant. She asked me to put up my hand and tell everyone that I was the last in line to see her. I took my role very seriously and she thanked me when we got a little closer, and also told me that I could put my hand down. I was initially a bit scepticle as Disney is such a large brand, I thought the whole thing was just a money making venture, but at the bottom of the Walt Disney statue there is a saying that he said once ‘I just wanted to make a place where children and their parents could have fun’. And my word, he really nailed that.
Then on Tuesday Becky and Anushia left and I got right into my last assignment for my online course. It took up all of my free time but I think I got it done to a pretty good level. Turns out that I didn’t actually need to do any of it in order to pass as I’d done well enough in my other assignments to garantee that. I got a distinction in my last paper, which I was stoked about. Yesterday I submitted my paper, and when I told Ryan that, he said that we should have a graduation. So he found the music on youtube, I put on a hat, sleeping bag and towel as a gown and we walked around the house, I shook everyone’s hand, recieved an envelope and a drink bottle from them and then through up my hat in the air to everyone’s applause. It probably meant alot more to me than they might think. The significance of finishing Uni and graduating from Newcastle doesn’t actually mean that much to me. But I know that when Hay graduated the whole fam and Phil’s fam went there to see her and we all got pics together and it was very lovely. So now at least I have a pic of my graduation that can go up on the wall next to Hay’s. It seems pretty silly, but I’m really gratefull for it.
It’s fun how some things just seem to work out the way they do for a reason. When I was just about to start work on that last assignment the internet wouldn’t let me access the university web page on my computer. So I asked my friends here and their’s wouldn’t let it happen either. So I thought I’d go for a walk down to Deandra’s house – the girl that Ryan and I were introduced to by the lady who we randomly bumped into twice almost two weeks ago. I haven’t talked to Deandra since then, but I thought it would be worth a shot. I also didn’t know where she lived, and was just planning on walking down the street and knocking on the door of the house that had a brown Prius infront of it. There was no Prius to be seen as I walked down the street so I kept walking. When I reached the end of the street, low and behold I saw the Prius parking and it was timed so beautifully that when I was walking up to it, Deandra was just getting out. We started chatting, I told her my predicament and we walked into her flat, which was actually behind one of the houses. I jumped on her internet and did my thing as we chatted about her job and then topics leading off from it. She’s a therapist and also teaches pilates. It was really cool, and I wanted to play it right – not necessarily for any sort of romantic intensions, but just because I’ve never been in a situation quite like it. I sipped the water that she offered me, she folded her laundry on her bed and we chatted about life, LA, travelling and facebook. I was conscious that I really shouldn’t overstay my welcome as I really was the one who invited myself in, so I said thanks after 20 mins or so and went to leave. But we just kept chatting for another 10 mins or so after, so I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t intruding too much. She is 29, which is a funny age really. It really hinges on the line for me of being a real adult, or being a peer. We’re now facebook friends and email buddies, and she invited us to go out with her and Paige (the girl we ran into) and some of her friends next Thursday for Paiges birthday at an African themed bar. That sounds quite nice, but really I’d like to go and chill with her in her unit. I think that part of the appeal there is that I’d be doing it by myself, seperate from my interning friends and friends that I’ve had before. Also maybe because it is fun and interesting talking to her – and exciting.


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