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Culture – America has it!

I discovered a part of America over the weekend that I didn’t think existed. It was full of so many different cultures and activities all so densely packed – I could have stayed there for hours absorbing it. Venice Beach was where it could all be found and it really did have it all; graffiti artists, skateboarders, roller skate dancers, hand ball players, basket ball courts (the same ones used in White Men can’t Jump) complete with tough looking black guys like in the movies,  Muscle beach gym made famous by Arnold and gymnasiam  ring and bars. And all along either side of this stir fry of activity are street vendors and performers.

On Saturday Ryan and I set up the slackline near the bicycle path that runs passed it all facing the beach and on Sunday we were joined by Claire, Larry and Joe. Every fifteen minutes or so, someone would stop by and ask for a go, and it proved a great way of meeting new people. And the people that walk by here are fantastic, it surely must be one of the best places to people watch that I’ve been to. After several hours of slacklining we rode our bikes to the drum circle that was happening actually on the beach a few hundred metres away. It was fascinating. So many different characters from all cultural backgrounds – Black people, Mexicans, Native Americans, Cowboy hat wearing Americans and hippies. There must have been about 30 or 40 drummers in a circle with about 150 people surrounding them and 40 or 50 people dancing inside the circle. I got to try out all three positions, first standing around watching, then dancing, and then playing a bongo and a cow bell which a nice man with an afro lent me.

I would really recommend anyone who visits America to check this place out – it’s literally only about 150 stone throws from the LAX airport.


2 responses

  1. matilda

    Lovely to hear your stories Jus. It all sounds very wonderful. I’m proud of you for making the most of it all.

    3,March, 2009 at 1:43 pm

  2. eek! i wish I was part of the drum circle!!!

    31,March, 2009 at 3:06 am

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