notes from the road

how much time do I have?

Last weekend I travelled to San Diego, Santa Barbara, went out for dinner and to a club, slacklined, attended a games night and got some midnight Thai food….and I was exhausted. By the time Monday came I was really crook and the whole week I’ve been craving staying at home having me time and catching up on odd jobs. This weekend rolled around, and with it came other opportunities to do things, and I took them up, even though I would have preferred not to. It’s hard to justify staying at home instead of going slacklining, or to a soccer game. I made excuses up, saying to myself ‘oh I can get it done later, it won’t take long to do my washing or change the cupboards over’. And all the activities were good fun and I enjoyed myself, but much of the time I was thinking of being at home, and what I would like to do next.

I’ve really wanted to follow the Carpe Diem idea. Sieze the day. Live for the day. Enjoy the moment. And these action packed weekends were not doing it for me. Actually my whole life right now seems to be racing from one thing to another – it’s very fast paced. I”m finding that in order to get things done I’ve got to schedule them in and every fifteen minutes in my life counts. And with this in mind I need to prioritise my agenda – socialising vs learning, keeping my relationships in touch vs unwinding. Perhaps this is something that I am learning about living in this environment – that it is very action packed, and that maybe I don’t enjoy it. I’m almost finding myself being a little stressed at times, and this manifests in me not being as easy going and friendly as I’d like to be. I guess this is all part of life so I’ll try to learn from it, endure it and make the most out of everyday.


3 responses

  1. matilda

    You shouldn’t necessarily be thinking this v’s that . Instead think this and that are important. It’s about balance. the quiet things can be just as important or necessary as the wild things. time well spent can be time to yourself. You might recognise this and accept these other times as also being valuable. Talk to you soon.

    26,March, 2009 at 5:37 am

  2. sigh. you can have some of my spare time!!!! i have TOOO MUCH SPARE TIME! I could fill it all up with writing writing writing but…

    31,March, 2009 at 3:00 am

  3. this is so great. you wrote everything thing i’ve been thinking lately. reading this on someone else’s blog brings me some sense of relief…like i’m not the only one out there racing against the clock – all the time. wouldn’t just three more hours added to each day just do the trick?

    21,April, 2009 at 3:30 am

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