notes from the road

A dangerously good Friday.

So Americans don’t get Good Friday off. For an ostensibly Christian country, you would think that they would at least reap the rewards of the Christian faith! But we were actually allowed to leave two hours early from work due to Jewish passover being during the week as well. So to make use of the gift of free time with sunlight Ryan and I decided to go and scout out a cool place to do some slacklining. See someone read the TOMS blog where slacklining was mentioned and they would like to meet up with us. These people are making an extreme sports show and would like to feature us in it. Cool eh? Not too sure if it will actually happen, but the idea to scout out some cool places was quite appealing as is, so we went for it. We rode our bikes in a new direction and found an awesome place to set it up on a pier – but instead we decided to do it on some volley ball posts on the beach. Now I”ve done this once before in Newcastle and was asked to move along because the posts were bending a bit, so we asked an on patrol life saver if it’d be alright. He said go for it, so we did. It was very cool, indeed and we had a nice little crowd watching us from the pier. At one stage some teenagers on bikes yelled out to us to do some tricks, so we called them over to have a go. A couple of them did briefly, while the others got pizza. They offered us some and we all chilled out eating pizza and talking and then slacklining. Some were pretty persistant and made some alright progress even when the poles started to sag  in a little. Just as they were leaving I jumped on to have a little play and Ryan jumped on the other end. Normally this is pretty tricky but because of the extra length that we had on the rope it was actually quite easy, I walked backwards towards the end of the rope to give us more distance between us so that it would be easier. But just then, WHACK, the post behind me fell down, straight on the line, probably missing my head by 30cm or less. The force of the slackline with us both on it had broken the big wooden pole off at base level. We quickly packed up our stuff and I wrote a sorry note with my email address on the pole and we scampered off. It was quite the action packed afternoon and certainly made my Friday very good indeed.


One response

  1. I KNEW there was a reason Jesus died on the cross!
    hooray for public holidays – The GREAT benifit of the christian faith!!!

    😉 (sorry… i am being cheeky)

    12,April, 2009 at 1:07 pm

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