notes from the road

4 reasons I like America

1. Venice Beach – this is where we go slacklining – there is so much culture and cool people about. Here’s a list of the different activities that go on in one small area: skateboarding, skate dancing, bike tricks, graffiti painting, basketball, muscle building, hand ball, street performers, slacklining (that’s basically just us) and there are always people getting by on wonderful contraptions – like three wheeled bikes with boom boxes rigged up to them.

2. Diddy Reece – this is a shop that gives you a cookie and icecream sandwhich for $1.50. And when you ask for a cup of water (for free) they say ‘would you only like one?’. Brilliant.

3. Taco Bell – this is a Fast Mexican food chain which serves great food (keep in mind I am no food snob) at really really low prices. The other day I got a meal for $1.89 – and it was a fiesta of fun and flavour.

4. From my house where I live I can walk at any hour of the day to a doughnut store in the nieghbourhood and get almost anysort of doughnut I want. I think I might walk there tonight, mmmmmm.


One response

  1. Taco Bell = 360 degrees of delicious!

    ps – i think you forgot reason number 5: you now know the coolest girl in america 🙂
    pps – i’m blogging tonight, too. go figure.

    23,April, 2009 at 4:39 am

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