notes from the road

Adventures with Mum and Dad

Here is my journal of the trip that Mum, Dad and I made in July.  It is much shorter than most of my other recordings, but know that this is not because it is any less important, infact the opposite can almost be said. I was so intent on making the most out of the time with Mum and Dad that I didn’t write anything of the trip while it happened. These notes were written about a week or two after, mainly in a notebook – which also plays into its brevity. Still despite their drawbacks I’m glad that I’ve got a written record of these fantastic few weeks.

I’ll add parts of my American friend-hopping tour which occurred before this trip, over the next few weeks.

Mum and Dad arrived early in the morning, we have breakky at Panera bread. Dad looks at the cars and their number plates just as I did when I first arrived, though there really wasn’t much traffic around. We walked down Rodeo drive, see a Alfa Romeo Competizione 300, met up with Larry and Joe for lunch, walk through Venice Beach, visit the drum circle and then have dinner at a mexican resturaunt with Ryan and Sasha. We then walk back to the hotel together, Ryan takes his car, and Mum and Dad finally get to go to sleep – they were quite tired, but did a great job of soldiering on through the day.
We fly to Denver over Canyon country, pick up Buick Lacrosse instead of a smaller Pontiac G6. It has leather seats and we are all impressed. Dad has to drive it out and we park at Subway to get some food as it starts to rain hard. There was lots of traffic from that point on, but we make it to Ben’s place pretty well on time and their family has a great big American meal prepared for us – complete with Root beer.
Ben has prepared a fantastic agenda for us – we start with a walk around the neighbourhood and see his sister running, then walk through the main street, have a great picnic in a park where dead people were buried, go on a Segway tour that Ben’s dad paid for (Dad and I both almost fall off doing silly things), Drive through Golden and up to the look out, then have dinner at ‘The Fort’ where Bill Clinton and the G8 leaders have dined as has George Bush. We ate Buffalo and elk and quail and again it was all paid for by the Murphys. Then we saw a commet on the way home to top off an amazing day in Denver.
We left Ben’s place and travelled up to Pikes Peak by cog rail way which was over 14 000 ft high, up top it was cold, hard to breath and there was snow! Then we travelled to Canyon city where we had a lunch/dinner of chicken, pumpernickel bread and pasta salad. It was great. We drove about the town, played shuffleboard, mini golf and swam in the pool as the sun set. I then booked the Vegas Hotel and show on the Hotels internet.
Just down the road was the white water rafting that we had booked, Mum didn’t go because of the speech the man gave – ‘world class 3 or 4 rapids’, I really didn’t blame Mum as it was a scary speech. Rafting was worthwhile. Afterwards we travelled to Durango where we watched a baseball game, Dad and I looked at some big American cars in the car yard and we ate some nice pasta. Our hotel room was the cheapest that we stayed in and it showed. We had to open a window to place the air conditioner in, which resulted in all the noise from the highway just outside to come in. It was an experience that’s for sure.


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