notes from the road

Trip continued

Travelling day today – all the way to Bryce canyon. The scenery was desert like all the way, but always changing from gorge to plain and varying colours of dirt. For lunch we stopped in Green Valley (it was more brown than green) and ate burgers from ‘Chow Hound’ and watched a short film at the Museum on the Colorado river and it’s armless explorer. We went for a walk when we arrived at Bryce canyon then had a nice pizza for dinner at a tiny town called Tropic. That night we stayed in a tiny cabin in the camping park.
We spent the first half of the day wandering around Bryce canyon admiring the amazing Hoodoos (piles of dirt) and then continued travelling through the desert after a lunch of hot dogs. The scenery continued to be great and we cahtted about family and Australia. We stopped at lookouts and Mum and Dad both bought Jewelery from Indian vendors. We planned to stay in Bitter springs but as it was getting dark we were told that it wsa just an Indian settlement. We then chose to stay at Cameron – all it had was a servo and a trading post. The trading post though was amazing. It had comfortable and affordable rooms, great food (Dad and I both couldn’t finish our amazing Navajo tacos) and a lot of souveneers. The lady who served us was half African and half Ute (a local Indian tribe). Dand and I talked to a traveller called G who had hitch hiked  from Amsterdam to India and back, lived for seven years in Japan and was now making his way down to South America.
Today we travelled to the Grand Canyon, and once there stopped many times to look at the very impressive views. We had lunch at the info centre, found our hotel and had a nice nap (it was very hot and we were quite tired). We then walked down teh South Kaibab trail down into the Canyon. It was truley spectacular – I want to go back. The walk twisted and turned it’s way precariously down the cliff with no hand rails and danger all around. That walk really brought the canyon to life for us. For dinner that night we had pasta and salad and I had a quick dip in the pool before going to bed.
We accidently got up at 5:30 instead of 6:30 as we had entered a new time zone and I had forgotton to check the time the previous night when I went for a swim. As we were too early for breakky we went for a walk along the canyon rim, and then made it back in time for the best breakfast that we had on the trip. Mum and Dad were feeling a tad sore from the walk the day before (it was very steep), and we headed off to Las Vegas. On the way we stopped off at Hoover Dam which was quite interesting (and hot). Dad was quite excited about it. We arrived in Las Vegas to mega traffic and we had to make some creative decisions against the advice of the GPS to get to New York New York, our hotel. Mum and Dad were glad that I was driving. I had a swim, we walked around the hotel, had a brief bitge to eat and we walked the strip. Mum and Dad were befluxed at the amount of people and we were all amazed at the over-the-top-ness of it all. We ate a great burrito at Chipotle just as we were starting to get a bit shakey and overwhelmed by it all. I was well impressed with Mum and Dad as we stayed up past two o’clock walking through casinos and finishing the night up by having a drink in an Irish pub listening to the band play which was accompanied by a tap dancer.
We had a nice and slow morning – ate expensive pancakes that we couldn’t finish, wandered around the castle and Pyramid, I swam in the pool and we walked down the strip to the Venetian (which was amazingly ornate) to see the Blue Man group performance. It was weird, amazing, funny and entertaining – a great experience. A Japanese woman was called up on stage at one point to be a part of the act and couldn’t have done a better job. She didn’t speak much English but didn’t need to. After dinner, we wandered on, Mum gambled a bit, we saw a pirate performance with a sinking ship, then an exploding volcano and went to bed again past 1:30.
After a Chinese breakfast we drove through Death Valley where the temperature reached 121degrees farenhite (48 degrees celsius) and were told by a sign to turn our air conditioning off to stop the car from over heating. We had warm up burritos for lunch and bought dried mango and trail mix. We stayed that night in friendly Mammoth and mum and I had massive salads for dinner and Dad had a Mammoth burger, finished up with ice creams.


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