notes from the road

Trip continued

Just a short drive away was Yosemite, which we drove all through and walked up some tracks to waterfalls and giant Sequoia trees. We had fruit and nts for lunch. Then we drove into San Fran. We hit some pretty miserable traffic, but we talked for ages about when Mum and DAd were younger and how they met, the time flew by very pleasently. When we got to SF Mum and Dad were amazed at the traffic and then at the steepness of the hills and then at Ryan’s uber luxurious unit, which his parents let us use. We then walked down to Trader Joes, bought food and I cooked us a stir fry with rice for dinner. It was all very nice indeed.
This morning we walked to Fishermans wharf and got scared by Bushman, a guy who hides behind some bushes, dissed for giving coins to a busker, saw seals, rented bikes and biked the bridge, met up with Claire and Devika for dinner at the Stinking Rose (a garlic themed Italian resturaunt) where we had full cloves of garlic smeared on freshly cooked bread. Afterwards we walked through the Starlight bookshop where the Beatnik movement started, and wandered into a quaint old pub where by looking out the window we saw a quote form John Steinbeck on the path outside (Dad was onto his second Steinbeck book on the trip). Then we walked back up the hill to the unit and Mum was called ‘White Trash’ by a random drunk lady.
After a nice sleep in we walked down to Fishermans wharf again and caught a ferry aroudn the bay, went back to the unit for lunch, chillaxed for a bit then walked down and around China town. We went into a shop that had small “Mammoth” Ivory figures for sale and we talked with tthe owner for a bit. For dinner we went to Sam Wo’s and it was a really fun experience and we all had a ball.  The Waitress was really snappy, we waited fora ges for our food whic was pretty good when it arrived, helped her add up the bill and listened too her grumble at the other workers and it only cost us $23 and we gave her a nice tip too. That night we watched ‘Sideways’ a DVD because I couldn’t get ‘The Rock’ a movie about Alcatraz to work on VHS. It was a pretty boring, annoying movie, but was set where we were going next.
We had a nice and relaxed morning, walked downt to the supermarket and then and then had a coffee in a cafe. Afterwards we caught some buses to Dolores Park and watched some classical music with Claire, Devika and their German room mate where we had a picnic lunch. Afterwards we went for a brief walk around the Mission district, but decided to go back to the unit and did so thanks to some half price bus tickets sold to us from a homeless guy. We watched the new version of Pride and Prejudice and wandered down teh street for some Indian food. It was a very relaxing evening, as was our whole stay in San Fran. It gave us the opportunity to unwind and take it easy for a couple of days and was a great break up of our journey.
After we cleared up the unit, we drove off leaving San fran after a drive through the worlds crookedest street, but we did not leave the fog. The drive down teh coast was hampered somewhat by our limited view due to the fog, but we did get to see some great scenery as we ate morning tea in a cafe overlooking the rugged cliffs which met the ocean. We arrived in Monteray before too long and found ourselves a place to stay, then had some lunch at a park by the sea and walked through ‘Cannery row’ the setting of one of the Steinbeck books that Dad was reading. We then decided to drive 40 miles to some big shopping outlets where Mum and Dad bought lots of jeans and shoes and I got Mum some perfume for her 50th birthday. It was lots of fun! For dinner we ate a very satisfying meal at Applebees, and American diner.
After our complementary breakfast (something that we now looked for in a hotel), we continued on down the coast, stopping to have a picnic lunch overlooking the rugged coast and to take a tour of the ridiculously over the top Hearst Castle. We then continued on to Paso Robles where we were able to track down Sonya at a Hospital, talked to her for an hour or so, and then stayed the night at her and Dan’s place.


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