notes from the road

Taking a bite from the big apple

07/28/09 Later on that day

On the plane flight I sat next to an Australian chap my own age named Danny. He was from Canberra and was travelling around before he starts a study abroad semester at San Diego. Danny was not necessarily the same sort of traveller as myself – he was right into partying and was reading the book “The Game”, a guide to picking up women when I initiated our conversation. I was reading Tin Tin prior to sitting with him and was sort of glad I hadn’t whipped it out. Despite (or because of) our differences I was able to get some useful ideas from him. He was travelling on a larger budget than I and stayed at higher end hostels – ones that offered breakfasts and tours. So starting tomorrow I will broaden my search to hostels all over NY – if I can work for my board, then I may as well choose a shmick place. Also it seems like these places may actually offer tours to their guests as freebees – this could be a good opportunity to plug my own.

I had another potential stroke of luck after I arrived at my hostel and went to get some dinner. A man approached me and asked me for some money, then changed his tack as soon as he realised I was not from around here (it didn’t take him very long) and engaged me in friendly banter, he then asked me for some money. I asked what he wanted it for, and he told me for dinner, so I proposed that I buy us both dinner – he still seemed a bit hesitant and ever after I bought him some Chinese he still asked me for $2 but he did seem thankful for the food, and the free soda that we got with our meals. It might sound a bit dodgey (and perhaps rightly so), but he seemed nice and friendly and he had reading glasses – nough said eh? Anyway, I grabbed his phone number and I think I might try and get in contact with him again in a week or so as A. He’s a local and could well teach me a lot about the area B. Is living off social benefits so should have the time and motivation to do some work and C. He was a pretty smooth talker and projected a friendly aura – good tour guide material I reckon!

And for the last four ours I’ve been talking to a German, Frenchman and a Chillian who is passionate about mushrooms. Brilliant eh?

Tomorrow I will search Youth hostels for a potential work opportunities – starting with the most grand.


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