notes from the road

The start!

07/29/09 Wednesday

Today I got up quite late at around 11:00, but I justified this as it was only 8:00 Western time, so it was a slow ease back into this time zone. I got to work finding out some Hostel contact details by visiting the library where I can use the internet for free, as my computer is currently without wireless. As I was waiting to get online, I started reading a book thought I found near by and thought might relate to my topic – Magic Johnsons 32 ways to make you a business champion. It did actually relate somewhat as he was dealing with ‘dodgey’ areas such as Harlem and parts of LA. But as I’ve heard Dad say before, it’s much easier to make your second million than it is to make your first – so I remained a bit skeptical. But there were a few good pointers in there, such as creating a vision and being excited about what you are doing, not just going through the motions to make money.

Once I got online I gathered 14 different hotel phone numbers (13 might be unlucky) and called away. Here was my first look at failure – about 10 of them said that they didn’t take people on to work for them in exchange for accommodation. One guy said he’d call me back, and another said I could come down and see the managers if I wanted. So next up I trekked myself around New York visiting various Hostels. I haven’t yet had any major luck, but I’ve got leads on a few places that might prove to work out all right. I figure that if I can get some accommodation sorted then that will take care of my largest weekly cost (currently around $115). As it turns out I should be right to stay at this hostel as long as I want so long as I don’t cause any trouble – despite the 2 week imposed limit.

Also worthy of note are a couple of flyers that I saw posted on the foyer walls down stairs advertising walking and biking tours of various areas, such as Harlem. When I move on to faze two of my plan I may just have to start looking into those to see what sort of activities they get up to.

I did some grocery shopping today and tentetively used up some of my allowed space in the communal fridge and shelf. It thankfully looks like I might have enough space to store a good amount of food, and the kitchen hasn’t been all that busy either – so cooking for myself shouldn’t be too bad. Just so long as I keep it nice and simple.

Here’s my basic plan and timeline:

Phase one: find accommodation and part time work (one week)

Phase two: Research and organize tour and all aspects thereof – community members taking part, promotion at hostels, website, brochure (1 month)

Phase three: run business and drop of part time work (3 – 4 months)


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