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And the Universe tells you…


I called Meaghan again and was directed to the answering machine before it could ring out, so I gave up on her. I also had another look for jobs and found another beauty on the net in the library in Harlem. I was still unsure about what opportunity I should take, but I decided that I would call Matt at TOMS and take that one. I could practice my French in my time off (studying and getting paid) and also get to know the PR department a bit more and volunteer some of my time there gaining some good experience. When I got a hold of Matt, he told me that they were still after someone to take the job, but they had put it back by about a month, to September sometime, which actually works out fantastically for me. I now have about a month to try and find some proper work here in New York and if I find a good job then I’m set, if I don’t, then I can jet set back to LA and pick up the TOMS job. I went and saw Nir today and he said that I can move in tomorrow, so that is accommodation sorted, and I’ve got enough money to pay for all my food for the next four weeks as well. So if I can pick up enough part time work to pay for a flight home then I will be cheering. I think this is a good thing, not running back to LA as soon as I get a bit homesick and scared. I feel much more secure with the job hunting ideas than I did with the start up business idea, but I still am feeling a bit homesick. I’ll send the fam an email tomorrow to get them to call me, now that they know how to call mobiles from their skype. Tomorrow I’ll also

-get my computer fixed
-do my laundry
-move in to the new hostel.

I had an experience today which has prompted me to expedite the computer fixing and laundry. It was a truly uncomfortable double whammy of an experience. I was waiting to get a computer at the library near the Jazz hostel, and I had to wait one and a half hours so I was having some Magic time, then looking at the jobs section of the papers. Just a few minutes before it was my turn to get on a computer my nose started to bleed (I picked at it – my bad). I felt so relieved that I had brought a tissue with me and had it handily stored in my left short pocket. Thing was though that my first reaction to stem the blood in my right nostril was to put the index finger of my left hand across it. So when I was awkwardly trying to extract the tissue from my left pocket with my right hand I tilted my head a bit and some of the backed up blood streamed out of my nostril and onto my shirt and down my arm. Finally I got the tissue to my face, picked up my bag and got up to go up stairs to the bathroom. On the way though I got caught in a traffic jam of childrens prams and mothers, and had to tip toe through a small herd of waiting ten to twelve year olds, and then ask a man with the key if he would let use the facilities. Finally I got to the bathroom and after some work was able to clean myself up and dab the marks on my (thankfully) red polo shirt and (not so thankfully) white shorts. By the time I got down stairs though, I realised that I had missed my 5 minute window to get on the computer and that another man was already using it. I was a bit annoyed and I threw my library code in the recycling bin next to the row of computers. I stood by the magazine stand pretending to parose them while I thought of my next move. ‘Perhaps’ I thought ‘I could use my library code which I just throw out to have a go on the express 10 minute computers?’. So I sidled up to the recycling bin and pulled out the sheet of paper with my library code on it, and just as I touched the paper in the bin the man in the closest computer (please imagine him with a greasy side part, and wearing a pale grey suit) said ‘I just spat in there, sorry’. And by the time it took me to register what he had said, I had my hand on a wet and sticky patch of the sheet of paper. At this point I just left the library. And upon walking away tried really hard to think of the value that I gained from the library visit. Magic was waffling on about franchises and choosing a good business partner or something else that didn’t pertain to me, I didn’t find a job, and I had embarrassing run ins with two different types of body fluids. It was a hard lesson, but it has prompted me to get my computer looked at, and to wash my clothes which I will do tomorrow.


One response

  1. HAHAHAHA! this story is UTTERLY Hiiiiiilarious! haha!
    I love it so much! haha.
    Justin – have you considered becoming a writer? i think i say this to you often, but i love your voice, and i think you should write. Maybe…. being a journalist IS your thing. or fiction writing, or whatever.

    21,August, 2009 at 4:25 am

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