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Yes – almost the coolest thing ever!


I got my washing done – woop woop! Wow – what an exciting opening line… I went back today to meet up with James, my friend from the street who I lent $40 to the other day as he was in a wheel chair and had seen better days. He didn’t return, which in many ways is a good thing as it should harden me up a little as I believe I can be a bit niave sometimes. The coolest thing happened on the way there though. The sort of thing that if I were to make a list of things that I want to happen to me in my life, this one would sit right under ‘get splashed by a bus driving through a puddle while I am wearing a suit and have just had a tough day at work’. I met someone from back home who I had no idea was even in this country. Just randomly bumped into them – awesome eh?! It was my friend Steffan from Germany who I was nieghbours with last year. We are going to meet up tomorrow and take in a bit of New York. Lucky I gave that money to James then, else I wouldn’t have met up with him!


One response

  1. steffen

    justin, just checked your fb and found your blog as i was thinking about this happening. and definitely mate – the almost coolest thing ever! take care, maybe see you in france!

    5,May, 2010 at 8:20 pm

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