notes from the road

Oh what fun!


I did a very interesting activity today. It started out with a nice walk through Central park, then I got to have as much juice and coffee as I wanted and I met some friendly Americans. We then played a game of charades and all jumped on a train together where we hung out at the world famous Times Square. Once there we were encouraged to mingle with the public by telling jokes, and finding out where they were from. It got a bit hot at one point, but we all met up to have lunch together and we got a talk to keep us excited and happy, then we got back into meeting people on the street. I met lots of people – some were very friendly and that made me feel happy, some were not so friendly but that didn’t make me feel sad as there was always someone behind them who I could talk to next. It was a really good way to experience New York and be surrounded by people. The best thing though was that it didn’t cost me anything, in fact I even made $18 – which is the cost of almost half of the food I eat in a week! I think I might go back again tomorrow and do it again.


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