notes from the road

Watch out ladies…


Today I didn’t sell any tickets before lunch – neither did the other new guy who didn’t sell any yesterday either and he quit. In the afternoon though, I sold five! Woop woop $50 right there! I also was given the number of a very pretty girl who lives here in New York. Her name is Arial, she has dark lip stick and wore a baseball cap. I think she was quite smitten with my accent and asked if I was single. I might give her a call in a day or two to see if she would like to go to a film or grab a coffee or something. Fancy that eh? Going on a date with a girl in New York! It’s a good feeling when you make a sale, and it can be a whole lot of fun meeting some of these people. And as the job requires you to be happy, the conversations that you have are generally all positive and fun too.


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