notes from the road

You can stop watching now.


So today was the day to contact Arial and set up our date and I gave it a shot, but it couldn’t have gone worse. I guess I haven’t done much in the way of ‘dating’ before and due to that inexperience I really stumbled at the first hurdle. In fact looking back now it was really what happened yesterday that let me down – I didn’t save her number to my phone correctly. I posted a ‘missed connections’ on but I fear that I won’t see her again. But that is the good thing about my job – I’m bound to meet more people and I certainly did today, though no one that kissed me on the cheek and asked if I was single. However I did have my best day yet, ramping it up again by three to eight total sales! It is pretty exhausting, but can be really good fun when you are talking to people having a laugh like the Israeli girls I sold to or the lone Aussie guy my age who didn’t want to commit to a ticket. I’ve also been having some interesting conversations with the people that work here – they are all very varied struggling actors, models, students or full time permanent ticket sellers. What still cracks me up is that there is a point in the day where we are standing on the street and we get assigned certain areas to work – it is just a little too close to when Brett is assigned a sign to hold on Flight of the Conchords.


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