notes from the road

I thought I recognised you!


Just the other day I was trying to get my computer to work out on the balcony when I heard a voice that I recognised. I listened a little longer not believing that it could really be who I thought it was, but rather someone who sounded similar. Anyway I got talking to the person and his girlfriend and upon finding out that they were Australians I asked what they do back home. “I work for the ABC”.

You’re Veejay aren’t you” I said. And indeed he was. He is a mid day presenter on Triple J and I’ve actually met him once before when I won the Heywire competition. We chatted about America for a while and he mentioned that he was hoping to see some good music here but has only seen some pretty mediocre bands. I then started talking about Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros but just as I was going into some detail about their creative collective that Heath Ledger used to be a part of I noticed that he must have got a text message as he was playing with his phone, so I just kept talking to his girlfriend. But as it turned out he was just writing the name of the band down so that he could look into it later! Hooray. I was so stoked, because I had already actually contacted some presenters via their guest books to tell them about the band, but I wasn’t sure how successful I would be.

Work has been a bit harder for me recently. I hit five and then three sales a day. What really was like a squirt of citrus to the eye though was that on the three sales day I felt really hot. I was pumped full of energy and ready to make lots of sales, and I just didn’t. There is this guy at work who is a tap dancer and actor who sells many tickets constantly. He sold 13 when I sold three. By looking at him, you would think that he is more plumber than prancer and he has a really matter of fact way of dealing with people. He just calls “do you want to be in a live audience” and points at people and they come to him. I tried his style and it didn’t work for me at all. There is much to learn about the business.

I’m actually quite enjoying the position that I am at the moment, and am glad that I’ve had the opportunity to be here. I’ll be happy if I stay for a few more weeks, and I think I’ll still be happy if I stay for a few more months. People say that they get drawn in by the city, and I didn’t think it would happen, but perhaps it just may be. At least until tomorrow when I’m on the street getting rejected for the 200th time. Then I will definitely want to leave again.

Hiring films here is a lot more expensive than back home. Any film costs $5.43.


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