notes from the road

Blue Steel the show


The other day at work I got a phone call just as we were starting to play our ‘pump up get excited’ games. I didn’t answer it. So today walking to work as I gave the number a call expecting to talk to someone who wanted to sell something – but it was quite the contrary. It was a modeling agency and they want me to come in and have some photos taken on Monday. I got the call because last week as I was working I got chatting to a fellow seller called Rachel. She is an actress/model and sells tickets on the side to get by – like many of the sellers. I mentioned that I had only been here for a few weeks and she said “Oh do you do modeling?”. This and seeing plenty of well paying ads on Craigslist for extras for films got me thinking that this could be a good supplementary income. So I jumped on the net and gave my details and some happy snaps to some companies and on Monday I’m going to get some proper pics taken and they said not to wear flip flops. That’s how it goes. Now I haven’t actually told anyone that I’m doing this for two reasons. One I feel like a right nancy dill. And two I feel very much like it would seem I have tickets on myself – and lets face it, if I ever actually get paid to do anything, I will have a serious job controlling my ego. But both of those things aside, it will be an interesting new experience, modeling in New York. Watch out Zoolander!


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