notes from the road

Lets walk that path again


On Monday I went for a walk around Harlem with my room mates Mike and Raymon to scope out what I can include in my tour. I was feeling pretty good about it, so yesterday I got straight into the study. I went to the local library and drew up lists, researched people, places and got myself a rough map of where I would take the tour. I knew that the next step was to actually go back to Harlem, walk my path and try and garner some interest from the people there to be a part of the tour. First up the lady at the market said that bringing a tour there would be spot on, but she didn’t understand my questions about having someone speak to the tourists for a few minutes. My next stop was the hair braiders and despite feeling quite nervous about entering and speaking to these big corn row adorned Black ladies I strolled right on in. The first place told me to come back tomorrow and the second said they weren’t interested. When posing it to them I felt a bit icky as it seemed a bit to much like viewing animals in zoo. My next stop was a street vendor in front of the Apollo who said he was too busy for it and I couldn’t find a suitable Soul food place as one was far too big and well known to offer to give a brief talk to a small group (Bill Clinton and Obama have eaten there), while the other looked too much like a fish and chip shop in Harrington. So I reluctantly gave up, feeling the same feelings again of missed opportunities. I came home and chatted to Mike and he pepped me back up again! ‘Forget having other people, there’s more money for you if you go it alone’. He then sat up stairs with me and helped me plan it out further, and I feel quite happy in the direction that it is going.

Things to do (time span, about a month):


Start getting photos and copy ready for flyers and posters and website

Visit youth hostels and promote

Begin tours.


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