notes from the road

complete and feeling good?


I recently received a letter from TOMS asking for people to volunteer to go to a University and get 100 surveys filled out, take 100 photos of backpacks and then type it up onto a spreadsheet and send it back. At first I wasn’t going to do it at all – seriously that is a lot of work to only get reimbursed in a pair of shoes. But I did get back to them and said that I was sorry I hadn’t done it yet, but I would have it sent to them before end of day tomorrow. The next day I went to Columbus University where Obama studied, had the surveys filled out, took the photos, went home and typed them all up and sent them to TOMS by one o’clock, and I felt good. I had completed a whole project in minimal time and according to the last email that I received was the only person to do so. Yeah. I felt great, but these feelings have somewhat diminished having received no reply from them whatsoever. But I guess you don’t do things for the recognition.

Work today was tough, I only sold two and I feel pretty drained. But this has given me a good shove in the right direction to get stuck into the research so I can crack the tours out earlier. Selling tickets can be painfully frustrating!


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