notes from the road

Pants off to San Francisco


Flash back!!! Here is a brief recount of some of my earlier travels. After I left TOMS I stayed a while with some of my intern buddies in San Francisco. Ryan and I had deliberately left the TOMSmahal early on Saturday so that we would be prepared for the Bay to Breakers running race the next day. Though running and racing were actually quite far from our intentions. This is a road race that attracts over 80 000 participants every year and stretches the 10 miles from down town to the beach. Each years Ryan and his pals dress up, and this year thanks to a suggestion from Claire one of our house mates, we decided to go as Octomum – a mother who became quite famous here for having Octuplets. So Ryan’s step brother dressed up as a mother, and nine of us dressed up as babies (whose really going to count) in actual adult nappies and baby bibs. That was all. The girls wore singlets and some special male undies as they offered more coverage. Ryan carried a backpack with a change of clothes for us and some spare alcohol to fill up his babies bottle when the white russian ran dry. The race itself was brilliant, lots of people music and costumes. My favourite was a man dressed as Obama who was pushed on a lectern and surrounded by fifteen security guards who would attack anyone spraying him with a water pistol. Though running a close second was a man who wore nothing more than a tea bag tied around the knob of his penis. He was the only one dressed like that, so I guess points for originality. When we made it to the beach we dashed across the incredibly hot sand and plunged into the painfully chilling water. It was the coldest water I’ve ever been in, and only a half hour lay in the sun was able to thaw me out. After wards Ryan and his friend Vanessa and I decided to explore the beaches and cliffs a bit so we parted from the rest of the group and scampered all around some marvelous rough land with wicked views. We discovered a maze made out of rocks and at the centre was a geo cache. Geo Chacheing involves putting coordinates for a specific place online, and challenging people to find it. If they do they leave a small token to acknowledge that they found it. Ryan left the key to our TOMS intern house. We left the ragged cliffs and made our way back to civilisation through a golf course, and it was here that I started to feel bad that Ryan and I were fully clothed, while Vanessa was only wearing a tea shirt and the mens underpants as the nappy had got soggy in the water. I thus proposed that we play a game of scissors, paper rock and the loser loses their pants for an hour. I lost and for the next hour walked through the streets of San Francisco wearing a tea shirt, undies and joggers – not surprisingly I received many a strange look. When it came time to replay for the pants, we decided that in order to be entirely fair we should probably all just go sans pants and not isolating the individual. So we all walked in our tighty whities into a chinese shop for some tucker, across crowded intersections and finally caught a bus back to Ryan’s place. Upon arrival Devika and Claire were there with Claire’s parents. This was the first time we had really met them and we wanted to assure them that we were trustworthy people. I tried really hard to be sincere and wholesome, though you can only try so hard when your standing in Y fronts. The look on Claire’s mum’s face was priceless – it went instantly from shocked ‘what the?’ to ‘okay, I’m very worried but these are Claire’s friends and I’ll try not to let it show’. This would have to be the best way I’ve ever exposed myself to a city.


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  1. hahahaha! i love this story. Wish I had of been there.

    27,September, 2009 at 10:06 am

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