notes from the road

Here we go!


I’ve very much taken up my original challenge of Harlem Tours and I’m making some headway. So far I’ve completed almost 70% of my initial research, mapped and walked my course, written content for the posters, contacted the designer and written a business plan. I’m enjoying having a project to work on during the day and am feeling more and more confident about it, though I still hesitate before telling people what I’m doing. That makes sense though, as I have already bailed from it once before – once bitten twice shy and all. I’ll work again tomorrow but the following day I will work on a website, secure a domain name, do some more research and have another walk of the course and try to get familiar with my content and the area.

Last week I only worked three days but I still made $158, which was only a sliver less than the week before when I worked full time, so I’m still in a good place financially. I only actually expect this venture to cost me around $100 in start up costs, so if it can make that back and anything more then I will be cheering!

On another note it is starting to get just a bit nippier here, so I have been thinking about my cold weather gear. I’ve got a lovely woolen jumper that I have worn everywhere – but it is starting to look a little ratty as it’s got some holes in it. I might just throw it away and get another one….Ha, as if! I’m thinking that I might go to a sewing store and purchase some patches to cover it up. While I was in a Ralph Lauren store looking at some high brow TOMS the other day, I saw that the latest fashion there is to have large letters sewn across a jumper. I might also throw some patches onto the sleeves too though.

Oh and I heard back from TOMS, I was the first person to return the surveys and pics – and as an additional prize I got an extra pair of shoes! I’d already planned to give the first pair away, but I don’t know what to do with the second. What a dilemma!


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