notes from the road

Is it in the work or the reward?


My last week of ticket selling was my best ever, though my last two days were deplorable. This is in a large way due to my being worn out but also to a new factor. I have now seen the show. It wasn’t that the show was bad, but it wasn’t exactly what I had been told it was. There were non professional comedians and it really brought to light the whole ‘two drink minimum’. Everyone there was getting a bit drinky drinky. And after that although I was trying I could only sell 3 tickets the following day and only a half ticket the day after. I just couldn’t do it – I did try, really try a fair bit of the time, though I was telling the truth now as I knew it. ‘The only club to have all professional comedians who must be on network tv at least five times’ was now ‘The only club to have almost all professional comedians with many being on tv at least five times’. This despite not really working well, juxtaposed greatly to people who would talk during our lunch break of deliberately leading people astray. And the gravy on top of my mashed potatoes of disappointment was that when I met special people (like the Irish couple on their honeymoon) I would give them a drinks voucher for free because it would make them happy. But I really don’t like supporting drinking. I like making people happy, but not drinky drinky happy. So I’ve been hunting around and I’ve applied for a dog walking job which should pay similarly, and give me more time too.

This week I have been working at the Clinton Global Initiative which is a giant meeting of very important and influential world leaders. In the last two days I have seen Bill Clinton, President Obama, Al Gore, Muhammad Yunus, the Prime Minister of Ireland and an ex president of Nigeria (who I took a photo of with a journo). It is very interesting being involved with such a large event and seeing very important people. However my primary job is pretty basic. I escort the press from room to room – even the bathroom. Still seeing how they are dealt with is interesting, especially compared to the speakers. Basically even though everyone needs the press, they are herded about, crammed in rooms tight together and shuffled along regularly. It is a very educational experience as I get to listen into many sessions and I get to learn about social issues and professions that I am interested in. Also on a more basic level it floats my love boat too, here’s why…

I get to walk around all day wearing a tie and fancy pants feeling very professional and like a true New Yorker.

I get three massive meals a day and they are amazing. So much quality variety and quantity and I can eat as much as I like. These are all good things.

The people that I work with are all really cool and come from all over the world.

I get to see famous people! (Matt Damon, Barbara Strisand, Demi More, Ben Stiller, Brad Pitt and Ricky Martin are all here)


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