notes from the road

Tour infinity and beyond


I just had my first tour today! Two Slovenian chaps turned up and everything went off with out a hitch. I had good fun doing it, and I”m pretty sure they enjoyed the whole thing too. Now that it is underway I think there is some tinkering that I can do. First up with hooking up a list at the Jazz at the park where I might actually meet people there to take them for the tour – this apparently gets more people in.

I also had my audition for the extras company the other day. It went pretty well, I got called back and they would like to have my head shots. The company takes 10% of everything that you earn, which seems like a fair deal. I don’t have any head shots, but I’m thinking of just sending in some pics that I do have after I play with them a bit on photoshop (replace the background with a plain one).

I tell you what though, it can be hard work rustling up all these different ways to get money. My ticket sales have been consistently poor since I saw the show, I just can’t muster the enthusiasm that I had before, but they still bring me $30 or so a day, which is better than a kick in the pants.


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