notes from the road


Progress report:


I broke even a few weeks ago and am now making a steady profit (when it isn’t raining). The money that I make from it tides me over well for miscellaneous things through out the week (which have increased – read further)

So far the number of people per tour are as follows: (Sunday then Wednesday)

2, 1, 5, 2, 0, 4, 6, 0

Other jobs

I’m still working at the youth hostel, but I’m living at another one in the chain, because our one failed some fire regulations. No biggie, as long as it stays open I should still have a job there, and I can just live here. Works out alright as they will even get me an unlimited metro card

Ticket selling is going very very slow and I’m thinking of it as a few extra dollars rather than a per hour job. I’m averaging about 2 a day ($18), but that is money I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Temp work is going great, I’m getting about three jobs from them a week, doing coat checking, or box shifting or other random things. It pays good money (ten to twelve an hour) and there are great perks – like tips and free cutlery and vegetables.

Fun stuff

I’ve been hanging out with a girl a fair bit recently who I met when I tried to sell her tickets on the street. We have been d0ing lots of different things like going to karaoke bars, plays, movies and comedy shows. I’m having a good time. Not always good for saving money, but good for having fun, and I’m not going to be in NY for that much longer. I should still just have enough to pay for the course in France in a few weeks, if I am still going ahead with that……


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