notes from the road

Work man, WORK

I haven’t written all last week because I have been working so hard with my course work and unexpectedly, loving every moment of it. I’ve been doing homework, writing lesson plans and sending out CV’s and I’ve been dreading going to bed because I just want to be awake doing stuff. I think I may have missed the student life more than I had thought. Due to my desire to secure a job I have been quite adamant about sending my CV  to as many places as possible, and have just now contacted about 180 places both in France and Africa. I’ve had some good responses from places in both continents so I might have some tough decisions to make, some good, tough decisions. Tomorrow I give my first lesson to the class, I’m actually looking forward to it, as I enjoy the content we get to teach – it’s all fun word games, stories and competitions. I’m also relishing the feeling of learning a tangible skill, something that I will be able to use in just a few weeks, as I didn’t experience this doing my University degree. Perhaps they are two very different things.
I’m not being completely exposed to French culture yet, but my learning of the language is growing steadily. I’m not worried, as once I complete the course and secure a job I will have plenty of time to fully dive in.

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