notes from the road

Put your language inside of me


I have just come back from the most fruitful few hours of language learning that I have probably ever had in my life. All the the students who come to the Camina Centre for English lessons and the two other trainees and Tony the instructor went out to dinner in Rostrennen for an end of year get together. I sat with three ladies who I have taught in the beginner classes and one lady who I have seen twice individually. We hit it off like the Aussie bush on fire. They were able to say a fair few things in English for me and I was picking up on bits and pieces and then I would answer them in a mix of French and English and we talked about everything under the sun – traveling, politics, family, food, learning – it was fantastic. Throughout the night they gave me tips on words and prompted me when I asked for it, and I really think my usable French vocabulary doubled within those few hours. By the end I actually strung a few sentences together that I hadn’t pracised before, and was even getting some of the masculine – feminine stuff right. And it felt so good! Putting the jam in my baguette of happiness was when Dany, the lady who I had been teaching one on one, gave me a small horse (chevail) mask which she got when she was in Burkina Faso. She read a text which I wrote for her where I told about my ‘happy’ Africa pants, and she said that I could take this with me and be happy everywhere… Also Brigitte shouted me dinner, and they said that I should come back to the area in July for the big music festival which is held here. It is actually one of the biggest festivals in France and contains fair to say, the biggest bands in the world. I’ve never actually been to a music festival, so why not make the first one in France? It could be a fun adventure for Dru and I to do one weekend. It would also just be great to come back and  have a few more conversations with them, but this time in French when I have a Belgian accent!


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