notes from the road

I’ve got the runs!


This afternoon, the penultimate day of the course, I was planning on getting stuck into some grammar which I needed to do for tomorrow, there was just a bit, but it needed to be done. The weather outside looked fantastic though, there was still a fair bit of snow splattered sporadically around, but the sun was shining and the fog had cleared from this morning. So despite feeling unnervingly content to just sit in the class room, I decided to go for a jog and I headed out at about ten past four. At twenty five past six I returned. What happened in between these two times had me pretty stumped – I just ran and ran and ran. I had my little ipod pumping some good tunes, some entertaining thoughts in my head and some marvelous scenery in to run by (before it got dark and the fog set in) and I felt fantastic. I started off the way I had gone before, then went up the tree lined canal trying not to slip on the ice, and then again following the canal down to Guoarec a neighbouring village. It was only in the last half an hour that I really felt it, and it wasn’t in my lungs or chest where I normally burn out, but in the tightness in my legs and also in my hands and arms which had had the movement frozen out of them. I am now feeling very sore and my blood soaked sock, which was only just washed, is not happy about the new blister on my left foot.

The temperature was three degrees when I got back, so I think that must have somehow had something to do with it, and perhaps the humidity in the air. The furthest I’ve previously run was 14km in 72 minutes at the City to Surf in Sydney – an event that I took a month to train for. I went for a small jog two weeks ago here, but I can’t remember the last time I did before that and calculated up, I ran for about 20kms this time in a shade over two hours. It really felt great (apart from the end) so I’ll have to remember that a solid jog and nice scenery is definitely worth going outside for.


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