notes from the road

Fun in Framlingham

I made it back to Ipswich in one piece, though I was delayed in Brest for a little while due to the weather (perhaps the Universes way of punishing me for my average boob jokes). It felt really really good to be back in the little cottage in Framlingham and to be taking in the easy life with Donnie and Becky and family. Christmas was quite good fun and the dinner which I had been looking forward to didn’t disappoint. I will make a note more as a reminder to me than anything else to be back home for next Christmas! I did miss the family a bit. And I did miss them a bit more today too – being my birthday and what not. I had a nice old time though. It started off with opening a birthday card from Hayley and one from Donnie over breakfast and then I had a chat with my family back home. I then went and had a play with Keely and Patrick my second cousins who are ten and twelve and I really haven’t had much to do with kids that age in a long long time, so it was refreshing to be back in that mind set, and then seeing myself as being older. I did manage to hold my own with the hid and go seek tips but got puffed after a few rounds and I also opted out of climbing on the machinery after inspecting their Land Rover (1959 series II wagon). I was however, the king of piggy back rides as well as hoisting them into trees and spinning them upside down. Exhaustive stuff though – I think I’ve been doing too much study of late. Becky, Donnie and I then had a nice soup for lunch and I went to see Ipswich town play QPR with Andy and Martin where we witnessed an unfortunately rare win by the Tractor boys who went up 3-0. Donnie and I then had a splendid Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, watched some Top Gear, did some knitting and played a game of Scrabble. Quite a nice day indeed.

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