notes from the road

two thousand and tend to the job front….

I spent a very nice New Years eve with Becky and her mate Cat and her friends. We chilled at Cats place and chatted over a lasagna, before wandering to the Tower Bridge to see in the new year. We saw it in, but only got a glimpse of the fire works which were sneakily hidden behind some sky scrapers. Making up for it though, it started to snow just as the clock struck twelve – ahh a white new year!
Since then I’ve been hanging with Becky and friends. Actually, I sort of hijacked one of her friends Lu and went to see Avatar with just her as Becky had already seen it. It was really awesome and the first film I have seen in 3D. Not only were the graphics amazing but I really loved the world created on the distant planet, it was all about loving, sharing, caring and respect. The lead blue alienness was pretty smokin too.
So now I am planning my trip to Brussels and it is going pretty well so far. I’ve just got off the phone to a Bahai who has said he can put me up for at least a few nights, his name is Dale and he is from Melbourne….I also heard back from a school in Casablanca, Morocco which is looking for a teacher and will pay US$1000 a month and give free accommodation and language lessons but I have made up my mind. I will continue to keep contacting these two other companies in Paris which are looking for people whilst I’m pursuing options in Brussels.

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