notes from the road

one year down

I have now been away from Australia for one year, hmm. It seems I just never seem to be sure where I am going. Just as I was getting set on the idea of Brussels some other options have come up. I now have two phone interviews for places in France which are likely to be full time positions. The one this afternoon in either Nancy or Metz and one on Tuesday in Dijon. All places are within five hours of London by train, which I think is still alright, just a little further than Brussels, but I think the advantages of having a full time job and being surrounded completely by French speakers outweighs this. So I guess we’ll see how we go after the interviews!
I’m going to stay with Alison (Great Aunt) tonight which I am looking forward too as I really got along with her well two years ago when I was staying here, and I haven’t seen her all that much this time around.
The news is awash with stories of how England is in one of the biggest snowy cold periods in a long long while – they say some places in Scotland have been getting down to -18 and that the UK supply of salt grit for the roads is running low. It is quite icy here in London with a bit of snow about, but not more than a few centermetres.

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