notes from the road

Brussels – sprouting with opportunities!

Staying with Alison was fantastic just as it was last time. We stayed up until twelve o’clock talking about a whole range of things. I had my phone interview and it felt alright, but the result was better than I had expected. They would pay me to come and check out the place next Thursday (150 euros to cover travel costs) and to ‘finalise’ contract and accommodation. Yew!
I heard from Leila Emerson who is the daughter of the man who I had been in contact with about staying with in Brussels. She was in London and wondered if I would like to meet up. I did, and we had a cup of tea at her apartment with her brother just near Victoria station.
I then caught the bus to Brussels and arrived at 5:30 in the morning. There was much snow outside and I was hampered by my backpack. I sat in the bus station on a cold bench before finding a coffee shop on the next floor up where I warmed up a bit while reading a book. I managed to find the Emerson’s address quite easily and have been with them since. I am a bit overwhelmed with how generous they are being to someone who they don’t even really know. I am staying in one room of the six story flat/house and they gave me lunch and dinner. Shogi and Cafelli (their son and friend who is staying here too) and I took a sled and warm clothes (lent to me by Dale) to a park and played around in the snow and walked on top of a frozen pond. Tomorrow I am going to work with Conchetta, Dale’s wife, to have a chat with her boss who runs a language school. Although I am pretty set on the job in Nancy (the only downer being that it doesn’t have the most vibrant Bahai community), it would be good to assess the job situation here.

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