notes from the road

choo choosing a tune


Now if you were an avid song writer you would know that arguably the most important part of a song is the hook. The catchy bit that gets it stuck in your head – so creating this can be tricky. Well, the next time you are writing a song, why not base it on the announcement tone from your local train station – the short tune that plays just before a lady in a silky smooth and authoritative voice tells you that your train will soon arrive. That way millions of people will already be accustomed to your hook, and when ever they hear that tune at the train station they will think of your song!

I know you might be thinking ‘that is such a good idea Justin, why hasn’t anyone done it before?’. I concur with you dear reader that it is a very good idea, and I’ll have you know that it has actually been done already, at least twice. The Brussels Metro rail announcement tune would have to be at least first cousins with the opening bars of MGMT’s song ‘Kids’ – which sits alright with me, as it’s a pretty dandy song. Yet France’s SNCF announcement tune is as annoying as eating soup with a small echidna lodged in your mouth. Every five minutes or so that I am in a station, I hear the opening bars to Destiny’s Child “Baby boy’s gonna lose my but” (Okay, I don’t know the actual name of the song, but I sure as Sherman know the tune). This is not a song that I want in my head for a long train journey – not only because it makes we want to do an awkward ‘I’m in public and I’m sitting down but I want to dance’ dance but I also don’t know any of the actual lyrics or how the rest of the song goes – leaving me rather musically frustrated. Not how you want to feel at the commencement of a long journey.


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