notes from the road


I’ve got lots of ideas, and they range far and wide. I think I can be a bit of a dreamer, and my ideas outstretch the reality of where I am. I have thoughts and ideas for this upcoming year, though the ones that occupy at least half of my thinking time are for further afield. I really value the idea of living in the moment, though I struggle to do it. I also struggle with missing my family though, thankfully I will see them all this year (and soon too). I hope that the benefits of travel outweigh the distance from home and home relationships. I think these thoughts are with me now as I am in between places and strong social relationships. I will be moving to Nancy in two days time, but I know it will take a while to be a nice worn in cog in the social machine there.
I got approached about another job in Strasbourg today – I’ll hopefully chat with the guy tomorrow to see what it is like. Only if it offered me significantly more money would I jump at it as the Nancy option looks pretty peachy.

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