notes from the road

Skiing – leisure for the loaded, the activity for the affluent and the sport for the stacked?

That’s what I thought until yesterday when I tested it out for the first time with some of my French pals for thirty five euros! We travelled one and a half hours to the mountains in the Vosges in the afternoon and skied our hearts out for a few hours under the flouresent lights. I almost literally skied my heart out as having never done it before my skills left a bit to be desired, and for a little while my ability lagged somewhat behind my desire to push the limits. I guess fortunately it caught up and I am still alive, I just looked like a right dill going down a very steep and bumpy blue section falling over every 20 metres or so. I certainly reached the point where the transfer from ‘having a blast, lets go faster’ to ‘ok I am actually quite scared now’ occured, and I can precisely pin point that moment. Afterwards my once surefooted legs were a little more shakey and I was more cautious, but it didn’t dim my love of carving it up on the smooth and less steep sections. What a feeling.

When I was in primary school or high school (ok University too) whenever I saw some wet grass on a slope, or damp cement you would have to hold me back from taking a run up and sliding as far as I could. Skiing takes that sensation to a whole new level where you can go faster, for longer and with (a bit) more control. It’s funny though, when sliding on cement I felt cool and extreme, though it was hard to feel that way when 14 year old girls were zipping past me on pink snowboards. That didn’t stop me from yelling like a hoon in a VN Commodore though  – I loved it!

If you get the chance, go skiing  – it’s worth every cent.


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