notes from the road

Steady as she goes

Let’s not beat around the bush,  guild the lily, trim the ‘fro or anything else which means not getting to the point. I was starting to feel the toll of spending the majority of my spare time in my little 6m squared chambre studying French and not feeling like I was getting anywhere. Especially when I still can’t understand didly squat when other people are talking (I felt like a right piece of furniture at  Eric’s parents place for dinner one night with the conversation flying all over my head). But ever the optimist I felt a sense of excitement when Fréderic, my mate from the Chateâu de Remicourt who I have started meeting up again with to discuss French and English, suggested that I learn three useful verbs – finish, eat and take. If I can learn how to conjegate these verbs then I will be able to conjegate almost all of the ones in French! Turns out there are about 40 different ways you can use each of these words depending! on the situation, but now I know what I have to do I feel at least Ican see where I am at – I can say each of them in 15 different ways, only twenty five to go!

Also today I met up again with my mate Lise and we took a strole in a very nice park in Nancy and had a brilliant conversation about smoking, bocce, the US and monkeys, taking it in turns either speaking French or English. And I understood what she said! Not all the time and not completely, but I understood. What a brilliant feeling. I just hope that I can progress from people who are willing to speak slowly and repeat things if necessary, to the average joe schmo, or Jaques shmaques.


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