notes from the road

Little sleep, big gains

I’m on a bit of a language high right now so I am going to milk it as I know that a trough is sure to follow.

Last night I went to the JDM music festival with some fellow drummers. It gave me a good opportunity to turn up the French and also expose me to the life a real festival. We were invited to play to the campers, so we got free entry into the festival and had food provided, which is close to being the coolest things ever (though fair to say that I am still in the mind set where anything with the word ‘free ‘ in front of it is the coolest thing ever). So we listened to some cool music, ate some food, chatted in French and then at 2 in the morning started performing for the wild campers. We didn’t stop until close to seven in the morning, and with the beats going strong I didn’t feel tired at all. I played the shaker most of the night and though I didn’t exactly push my musical ability, I can now say I’ve jammed all night with French freestylers, beat boxers, guitarists and also oddly enough a didgeridoo player.

Things only got better though. After a cup of soup in the morning I sat around the camp fire to warm up and a friendly and cold French lass sat next to me and we started chatting.  She didn’t speak a word of English, but that didn’t stop us and I grabbed her number and hopefully we will meet up again soon.

That’s right – meeting and greeting in French – hold me back!


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