notes from the road

RIP Flower Pots

Recently my bike was stolen. I’m not bothered though, as really and truly the person who nicked it must be in a lot worse of a situation than I am. At least now he has a bike.

Generally, I’m that sort of person, wearing my rose tinted sunnies I look into the sun and never see shadows. My clouds are so heavily lined with silver that they need air balloons to keep them afloat and I view empty glasses as just full glasses in waiting. But that has all changed.

Today I saw something that has shaken my foundations of understanding. Something that I just can’t comprehend, and as such have to reassess my view on the society in which I live. The story starts three weeks ago when I was pleasently surprised to see the bridge which I walk over each day adorned with dozens of flower pots on the hand railings. These terracota coloured pots held a vast array of brightly coloured budding flowers in yellows, blues and purples. But they don’t any more. As I crossed the bridge today I didn’t see any flower pots or pretty petals whatsoever. All that I saw was was a dirty clumpy mess on the tramlines below; the remaining pots had been removed.

These flower pots only existed for one reason – to be pleasent. They were buckets of sweet smells, containers of prettiness –  pockets of sensory delight in the middle of a  functional city. What would cause someone to wreck this? Why would someone want to take away a positive in the world and slap a negative in its place? It was only there in the first place to make people happy, it didn’t demand anything of anyone, it gave without taking – it really was one of the worlds genuine ‘good things’. So why would someone want to take it away? It wouldn’t have even been fun to destroy, and unlike a bike, a smashed flower pot brings no benefit to the perpetrator. How is it that a society can harbour people who are willing to decrease the happiness in the world just because they can?

It’s beyond me, and I need a drink. Better make it a half empty glass of pineapple juice.


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